"Your X-ray shows three rubber bands,a few staples,a plastic file folder tab,a pen cap,and the letter Q from a computer keyboard.Stop eating lunch at your desk."


你知道means的用法吗?means是单数还是复数?请看题:By all _______, you must try every _______ to help him.A. mean, mean B. means, means C. means, mean D. mean, means【陷阱】误选C,认为第一空前有 all 修饰,故用 means,而第二空前有 ever
《杯酒人生》2 Sideways
我观之我见最好的朋友就要结婚了。在结婚之前,Miles 和 Jack 决定来一把最后的疯狂——驾车游览,品味红酒。在真正开始他们的旅程之前,Miles先带Jack回到母亲家里,嘴上说是要为母亲提前祝贺一下生日,实际却是来偷妈妈的钱。影片至此,一个中年失意、落魄男人的形象定格在我们的脑海中。承受着感情和事业上的失意和痛苦,Miles 将自己封闭起来,不愿向自己的好友和家人求助,也许是打不开心理障碍而不能求助。这,也许是很多失意中年男人的写照吧。对于一个已过不惑的人,生活的希望究竟在哪里呢?
《杯酒人生》5 Sideways
文化面面观葡萄酒的命名Victoria 说 Miles 喝醉了,Miles 争辩说只喝了一点当地的葡萄酒,接着说了三个名字,其实指的都是同一种酒,就是在法国Burgundy的Côte de Beaune 地区,用pinot葡萄酿造的酒。觉得奇怪吗?下面我们就来了解一下葡萄酒的命名。1、区域命名法欧洲古老的产酒区多以此种方式命名。例如:法国波尔多区(Bordeanx)及其辖内著名的产区美道(Medoc)、圣爱米伦(St. Emilion)、玻玛络(Pomero;)、索坦(Sauterens)、格拉夫(Gra
This is a face only a mother could love,but from now on you should have no trouble putting a name to it.Tang Shuquan,43,may appear very,very ugly in these pictures but his look has won him the Guinness World Record for making the most twisted face.看到这张脸估计
定冠词讲解及口诀定冠词:特指双熟悉,上文已提及,世上独一无二,序数最高级,某些专有名,习语及乐器。(1)the用在“特指”谈话双方都知道的某个人或某些人或物前。如:where is the teacher?老师在哪里?(2)the用在上文已提到的人或事物前。如:i can see a cat. the cat is lucy”s.我能看见一只猫,那只猫是露茜的。(3)the用在世界上独一无二的事物前。如:the earth goes around the sun.地球围绕着太阳转。(4)the用在序数词或
可可每日一句口语:Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinaryopportunity for the light.每当你看到黑暗,烛光就有绝佳机会燃烧得更明亮。【知识点讲解】extraordinary adj.非凡的;特别的;特派的例句:He has an extraordinary memory.他有非凡的记忆力。
A GentlemanDick was seven years old,and his sister,Catherine.was five.One day their mother took them to their aunts house to play while she went to the big city to buy some new clothes.The children played for an hour,and then at half past four their aunt
Midway Tactics 中间战术
Three competing store owners rented adjoining shops in a mall. Observers waited for mayhem to ensue.The retailer on the right put up huge signs saying, Gigantic Sale! and Super Bargains!The store on the left raised bigger signs proclaiming, Prices Slashed
《全民情敌》3 Hitch
妙语佳句,活学活用1. It was in and it freaked out.这句话的意思是“它本来进去了,又给弹出来了”。2. Short game本意指高尔夫球中的“击近球,打短杆”,这里Ben暗指“和女人的短期关系”。3. Long run指“相当长的一段时间”,例如:We expect a substantial increase in sales of the book in the long run. 我们希望这本书的销量能长期稳步增长。The paint must not deterio
The mothers of four priests got together and were discussing their sons. My son is a monsignor, said the first proud woman. When he enters a room, people say, Hello, Monsignor.The second mother went on, My son is a bishop. When he enters a room, people sa
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