One day a nobleman caught a little nightingale and wanted to put it in a cage. But the bird said:

“Sir, please let me go and I will give you some good advice. It may help you one day.”

The rich man agreed to let it go.

The nightingale said: “My lord, my advice to you is to never be sorry for anything that cannot be brought back, and never trust any idlewords.”

The nobleman heard the advice and let the nightingale go.

The bird flew out and said, “Too bad you let me go. I have a huge golden coin under my wing. If you had taken it, you would become even richer.”

When the nobleman heard that, he was very angry.  He jumped up and tried to catch the nightingale again.

The bird turned towards him and said:

“Now I know, master, that you are a greedy and foolish man: you want to bring back the golden coin that you could not have. And you believed in my idle words! Look how small I am. How could I be hiding a large golden coin under my wing?”

And after these words the bird flew away.



1. nobleman: / ‘nəʊb(ə)lmən /

n. 贵族成员

2. nightingale : / ‘naɪtɪŋɡeɪl /

n. 夜莺

3. advice: / əd’vaɪs /

n. 建议, 忠告

4. idle : / ‘aɪd(ə)l /

adj. 懈怠的;懒惰的;闲置的

5. greedy:/ ɡriːdi/

adj. 贪婪的,贪心的

6. foolish: / ‘fuːlɪʃ /

adj. 愚蠢的


  1. be sorry for….: 为…. 感到遗憾/抱歉
  2. too bad: 太糟糕了,太可惜了


The nightingale said: “My lord, my advice to you is to never be sorry for anything that cannot be brought back, and never trust any idle words.”

夜莺说:“我的主人,我给你的建议是永远不要为那些不能拿回来的东西感到抱歉, 也不要相信任何无用的话。”

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