幼儿英语睡前故事-The Adventure of Leo – Leo的探险

The boy is tucked in, safe and warm, in his bed. He falls asleep and starts to dream of a weird land where no one has a name.

“At least I have a name!” he thinks, “My name is…” but he can’t remember!

The boy has a name! He just needs to find it again.

And so he starts a journey to find his name.

“Roar” a lion roars.

“That was a good roar!” the boy says.

“Really? Thanks,” the lion says. “I’m learning how to roar. Want to practice with me?”

“I don’t think I can roar,” the boy says.

“Just try!” the lion says.

“Roar!” says the boy.

“ROAR!” the lion and the boy say.

“That was great,” the lion says. “Take this L with you for learning how to roar!”

The boy thanks the lion for the ‘L’ and continued on his way.

He finds an elephant lying down. “What’s wrong?” the boy asks.

“I want to exercise,” the elephant says, “but it’s not exciting.”

“Exercising can be exciting,” the boy says. “Let’s listen to music!”

The boy turns on music, and they start dancing. They dance and dance. “I didn’t know how exciting exercising can be,” the elephant says. “Thank you! Take this ‘E’ for helping me.”

The boy thanks the elephant for the ‘E’ and dances along on his way.

The boy meets an old octopus crying. “I want onions in my sandwich,” the octopus says, “but I can’t find any.”

“Let me help!” the kind boy says. The boy and the octopus open all the cabinets until they find an onion.

“Thank you!” the octopus says. “Take this O with you. And remember not to cry over onions.”

The boy thanks the octopus for the O and swims on his way.

“I know my name,” the boy now has letters in his hands from different friends on his way. His journey comes to an end. He puts the letters together and sees a name.

He wakes up with a big smile. “What a wonderful dream I had.”





1. weird / wɪrd/

adj. 不可思议的

2.remember / rɪ’membə(r) /
v. 记得,记住,想起

3. continue / kən’tɪnjuː /

v. 继续

4. exercise/ ‘eksə(r)saɪz /


v. 锻炼;训练

5. exciting / ɪk’saɪtɪŋ/

adj. 令人激动的;使人兴奋的

6.onion / ‘ʌnjən /

n. 洋葱

7. cabinet/ ‘kæbɪnət /

n. 储藏柜;陈列柜


1. lie down:躺下,躺着
2. cry over…. :为……而哭泣


“Exercising can be exciting.”




Q: What’s the name of the boy?






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